Μπαταρία 12V - 32Ah AGM Premium

Battery 12V - 32Ah AGM Premium



Rechargeable battery AGM 12V - 32Ah

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AGM rechargeable battery

• charged and ready for immediate installation

• 1 year warranty (does not cover deep discharge)

• capacity data for 100 hours (C100)

• low self-discharge compared to standard batteries

• in OEM quality

• Better charging characteristics than standard lead / acid and AGM batteries (eg when charging with solar panels)

• Supports short charge / discharge cycles better than standard lead / acid or AGM (microcircuit window) batteries

• can be stored for at least 9 months

• watertight: double cover with safety valve, gas recombination and fire protection.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM Lead Acid) Absorbent Glass Mattress Technology absorbs all the acid in the battery providing high cycle stability. This allows the battery to be charged and discharged repeatedly without loss of performance.

Suitable for PF-300 and AGRI-500 electrical fencing energizer.

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