Μπαταρία YUASA 12V - 12Ah

Battery YUASA 12V - 12Ah



Rechargeable battery Yuasa NP12-12  lead acid

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Yuasa NP12-12 rechargeable lead acid battery

Yuasa NP series battery for applications in buffer mode (standby mode). Made with completely sealed ABS plastic case that allows its installation in all positions. In case of overload, the integrated low pressure valve (VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid) allows the release of excessive gases, thus avoiding dangerous surges. Yuasa's unique lead-calcium alloy grids and high-quality fiberglass separators allow superior durability and excellent performance (up to 5 years according to Eurobat specifications).

The Yuasa NP12-12 in the form of 12V / 12Ah finds many uses in various fields of electronic and industrial applications. Ideal for electrical fencing energizer.

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