Marathon Harness ARGY'S ART


Marathon harness for 1 horse, by ARGY'S ART!

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ARGY'S ART Marathon harness, for four or two wheels carriages! They are made of high quality calf leather and stainless steel metal parts. A set worthy of trust even by professionals!

The set includes:

  • Bridle with blinkers made of premium quality leather with adjustable cheek straps, nickel plated wide chain on the browband and large decorative metal circles on the sides. Noseband is adjustable.
  • Saddle, made of elastic metal frame, covered with vegetable tanned leather that easily adapts to the horse's back. All metal parts are stainless steel.
  • Draw reins are made of double leather, specially reinforced with a high quality inner strap. They are combined with very strong stainless steel rings and buckles. Adjustable length.
  • Leather reins, simple, joined together with a buckle, 5mm thick, 23mm wide and 4.5m long.
  • Back strap set, leather, simple but reinforced. With all metal parts made of stainless steel and many adjustment modes. Complete with the tail crupper.
  • Leather breastplate, wide and soft, with inner lining for the best fit on the horse's chest. It has a padded and cushioned harness to support its weight, with a wide pattern on the neck so it doesn't rub the mane and rings to guide the reins smoothly to the saddle.

The mouthpiece is not included!

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