Bait-Pasta for mice VELTO



Bait-Pasta for mice VELTO

More details

Bait which is placed in different places to be eaten by mice and rats. Each bait bite contains the attractive substance (sunflower seed), aroma and the active substance (medicine) that fights rodents.

Way of use

Place the baits in different places accessible to mice / rats. It is recommended that the baits be 3-5 meters apart. For permanent baits, the use of bait stations is recommended. The bait should be done in places close to walls and with relative calm so that the rodent can "comfortably" consume the bait.

Quality product characteristics

The natural sunflower seed in combination with the enhancement of special aromas makes the Velto rodenticides attractive so that the rodents can choose them even in areas where there are many different food sources (garbage, crop residues, etc.). The special airtight aluminum package retains the aromas for greater attractiveness.
The active substance Brodifacoum is particularly effective against rat mice, acting immediately and providing results in just a few days.
This is a rat medicine which lies in the new legislation that is in force since 2018 and belongs to the group of "biocides".

In Pasta form

The special treatment of the lozenge makes it wet enough so that the mouse does not "thirst" when consuming it. This ensures fast and stable consumption of the bait. The lozenge is enclosed in a special bag so that we do not come into contact with the rodenticide. Each bite is 10 g.

The 10 g paste ensures more bait points. As the rat poison is baited every 3 to 5 meters, the 150 grams can make up to 15 bait points!

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Approval number: ΤΠ14-0123

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