Wooden Trap with Glue


Wooden Trap with Glue

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Two ready-to-use wooden traps for controlling populations of small mice, rats, reptiles and other walking insects. They do not contain poisons and toxic substances.

Use for prevention

The wooden rat trap is the ideal solution for trapping small and large rodents, especially when entering a space.

Rodents enter areas in order to create a nest. Upon entering the possible "nest" area (storage, room, etc.) they look for food in order to decide if the area is suitable for colonization.

The wooden trap for rats has a special aroma that smells like peanut butter in order to attract the rodent when it enters the space before it manages to create a nest.

After a few weeks (depending on the conditions of each room) the smell ceases to exist in the trap. Then we can add a bait (such as rat poison, a piece of cheese) in order to renew the attractiveness of the trap.

The glue retains its trapping properties for a long time, so the trap does not usually need to be replaced.

Way of use

Place the traps with the glue side up, in possible places for reptiles, insects or rodents to cross. To maximize results place food (eg cheese, bread, etc.) in the center of the trap. If there are no visible results within a few days, try changing the bait.

Caution: Do not use for purposes other than appropriate.
Keep them away from children and pets. Read the label before use. It is not a game. Do not leave them in the environment after use.

Available in two sizes:

1-Small: 17.5 x 13.5cm

2-Large: 17.5 x 27.5cm

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