CREB Portable Energizer 12V/220V - 4Joule



Portable energizer with adapter to be plugged in 220V socket.

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Very powerful while efficient!
This portable energizer uses a microprocessor and can contain your animals in pens of medium and large sizes with difficult growth conditions.
It can feed sheep nets and even repel wild boars and other predators. This device is designed to give full power from a 12V battery but can also run on 9V, with a limited energy. A tricolor LED allows you to view the level of your battery.
Suitable to repel goats, boars, sheep, cows and horses.

- Accumulator from 60Ah to 100Ah permitting great autonomy
- 12V power supply
- Control of fence load

Output4 Joule - 15000Volt
Maximum Fence Coverage200km (theoritically)
High Vegitation8km
Medium Vegitation18km
Low Vegitation70km

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