Energizer AGRI-UNI 2K



Energizer AGRI-UNI 2K

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Energizer, made in Poland, for medium sized fences with domestic animals.

The mechanism is enclosed in a rectangular plastic box of very small dimensions, in a very sturdy and reliable construction. On the front the label is printed on the box. At the bottom is the socket for the connection cable of the power supply of the mechanism while there is also an LED lamp. At the top are the terminals for connecting the electrical fence and ground, which are tightened with handrails.
Installation and operation

The AGRI-UNI 2K is specially designed to be connected to either a 12V battery or a 230V socket.

By connecting the mechanism to the power source, it is activated. With each pulse, the LED lamp lights up.
Suggested combinations

For a fully autonomous system, combine the mechanism with a 12V 100Ah car battery and a 25W photovoltaic panel.

Choose a 1m long ground rod and place it in soil with enough moisture. Immerse the grounding along its entire length in the ground.
Package Contents

The mechanism comes in a paper box that includes:

    AGRI-UNI 2K mechanism
    Cable with crocodiles for connection to the battery
    230V / 12V transformer for socket connection
    Instruction booklet

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