Complementary Feed Anti-Stress, STRESS MIX


Complementary Feed Anti-Stress, STRESS MIX

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Complementary feed (diet feed) for reduction of stress reactions in horses.
The mix of L-tryptophan and magnesium to reduce stress reactions during a longer period of time without the horse getting drowsy.
Stress Mix is 100% natural and based on amino acid L-tryptophan, contains a high amount of magnesium with added vitamins and minerals. L-tryptophan and magnesium are important for the optimal functioning of the nerves and muscles.
Stress Mix has a calming effect on the mood of the horse. It reduces stress without occurrence of muscle relaxation or drowsiness for maximum performance.
Ideal to use for
• Young horses in training
• During competitions
• Change of living environment
Easy to apply and ideal to use in stress situations.
Feed instruction
Provide multiple weeks for the best result.
Horse < 450 kg: 20 g per day.
Horse < 450 kg: 40 g per day.

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