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Complementary Horse Feed EXCELLENT MIX

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EXCELLENT MIX is a palatable and attractive equine feed designed to meet the nutritional needs of horses performing light or moderate work or exercise as well as for horses suffering from colitis, laminitis, itching and nervousness. Its composition (raw materials & nutritional additives it contains) gives it the characteristics of a feed, suitable for clinical diets, promoting the physical condition and health of the horse.


The 1:1 ratio of Total Nitrogenous Substances (protein) and Total Fibrous Substances (fiber) guarantees a healthy digestive system with proper functioning. The level of proteins makes it ideal for improving the fertility of mares, administering it after the end of the foals (mating) and for the next 7 months of pregnancy, preventing miscarriages and fetal deaths.


  Its high fiber content derived from alfalfa, carob, sunflower meal and sugar beet pulp (due to the fact that they consist of a large percentage of easily digestible fibres), satisfies the grazing instinct, making the horse calm. Its level of fibrous substances stimulates chewing resulting in high saliva production, which neutralizes fluctuations in stomach pH, caused either by food intake or environmental stressors.


EXCELLENT MIX supplies the horse with the right amount of protein that is necessary for the development and maintenance of the health of the body tissues. It has a moderate level of energy which comes mainly from slow-release sources, excellent quality fatty substances, while it has a low starch content (it is a source of fast-release energy), as a result of which the energy is gradually absorbed without unpleasant effects on the health of the horse. It is also fully balanced with all the necessary vitamins, macronutrients and trace elements to meet the nutritional needs of the horse.


The nutritional characteristics of EXCELLENT MIX make it suitable for general feeding horses that have digestive problems (such as equine colic and stomach ulcers) or they are sensitive to excess protein. We also administer it when we deal with allergic problems and in horses that are prone to obesity or we want to control their weight.


In summary: EXCELLENT MIX supplementary complex horse feed is intended for feeding horses in the maintenance stage, in the first months of pregnancy, horses in riding schools, practicing recreational activities or horses that we want to train. Finally, we give it to horses that show nervousness and try to keep them calm.


At the same time, it is granted in excellent quality the use of hay, for the diet of horses in quantity *:

Maintenance / Gentle Work: 450 - 600gr
Light Work & Sports: 500 - 700gr
Moderate Work & Sports: 550 - 750gr
Hard Work & Sports: 700 - 900gr
Stallions: 600 - 900gr
Pregnant Mares: 800 - 1150gr
Breastfeeding Mares: 1250 - 1400gr
Colts: 900 - 1500gr
Clinic Diet: 350 - 450gr
Weight Balancing: 450 - 500gr

* Percentage of body weight per day per horse and as long as the coarse feed provided is meeting maintenance needs.










Calcium (Ca)


Phosphorous (P)


Sodium (Na)







Vitamin Α (E672)

25.000 IU

Vitamin D3 (E671)

5.000 IU

Vitamin E (3α700)

37,50 mg

Vitamin C (Ε300)

12,50 mg

Vitamin B1

1,25 mg

Vitamin B2

2,50 mg

Vitamin B6

5,00 mg

Vitamin B12

12,50 mg


12,50 mg


1,25 mg

E1 Iron (Oxιde)

95,00 mg

E6 Zinc (Oxide)

95,00 mg

E5 Manganese (Oxide)

77,00 mg

E2 Iodine (ΙΚ)

1,25 mg

E8 Selenium (SelNa)

0,50 mg

Ε4 Copper (Θειικός)

6,25 mg

E3 Cobalt Co(II) Carbonate

1,00 mg

Store in a dry place at room temperature for up to 6 months after production.
This horse feed is prepared exclusively for ARGY'S ART NUTRITION, in approved facilities - Registration Code: 22320610000001

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