Insecticide Spray Velto



 Insecticide Spray Velto

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Velto is an innovative sanitary insecticide, in liquid form and 100% water soluble.
It contains three active substances which are in the free phase but also in the microcapsule phase.
These two phases give the following spectacular results:
1) Immediate insecticide and knockdown action
2) Long-lasting insecticidal action
3) Flushing Effect
4) Repulsive action

Indoor and outdoor use
Houses, courtyards, stables, warehouses, lower furniture surfaces, outdoor roof extensions, industrial facilities, interiors, green areas such as lawns and other areas where people gather.

Suitable for mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes, flies, phlebotomists, ants, cockroaches, fleas, mites, stinks, etc.


  •         Ready to use
  •         For many species of insects
  •         With three active
  •         Microcapsule technology
  •         Immediate action
  •         Long lasting result
  •         For indoor and outdoor areas
  •         Odorless
  •         It does not get dirty

Biocidal product approval number: ΤΠ18-0184.

Package 400ml

IngredientsCypermethrin 0,3% β/ο Tetramethrin 0,06% β/ο Piperonil Butoxide 0,3 % β/ο Βοηθητικές ουσίες 99,3 % β/β

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Insecticide Spray Velto

Insecticide Spray Velto

 Insecticide Spray Velto

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