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Feed supplement for a healthy musculoskeletal system.

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Feed supplement for a healthy musculoskeletal system.


Mare and Foal APCaD is a specially designed supplementary feed for horses, which is a concentrated bioavailable source of bone minerals, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in optimal proportions to correct the low or inadequate levels of these nutrients in their diet. It is enhanced with vitamins A, D3, E and C for quick assimilation from the horse's body.

Its administration is especially necessary when coarse feedingstuffs consist of leguminous vegetables (green or green) and plants containing oxalates.

Calcium (Ca) and phosphorus (P) are found in large amounts in bones and teeth. By administering it, we contribute to the adequate intake of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium required for bone growth, achieving optimal skeletal growth and conformation. We also help maintain skeletal strength and "bone bank" of stored calcium, as well as optimal muscle function and the satisfaction of increased requirements in pregnancy and lactation in mares. By administering it to a pregnant mare, we ensure the right quantities and proportions of macro elements to transmit them to the newborn baby during pregnancy and during lactation. So the foundation for the future success of a horse can be laid before it is even born. It offers the foal the best possible start as it grows fast, optimizing the growth and shaping of its bones in a correct and balanced way.


  • Calcium    22.00 %
  • Phosphorus    16.00 %
  • Magnesium    1.00 %
  • Vitamin A    1 000 000 UI
  • Vitamin D3    300 000 UI
  • Vitamin E    1 000 mg
  • Vitamin C    10 000 mg


Feed 15g-25g supplementary feed per 5 kg of hay or 25 kg of green.

Recomended dosage:

Small Horses (<450kg)
Large Horses (>450kg)
Pregnant Mares40g70g
Breastfeeding Mares50g90g
Recovery (15 days)40g90g

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