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Milk replacer for foals

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MEGALAT SUPER Milk Replacer for foals, is a water-soluble nutritional balanced supplement for the preparation of a complete milk replacer for foals of all horse breeds.

It is designed to mimic technically, nutritionally, the composition of natural horse milk. It is ideal to provide optimal nutrition for orphaned foals or foals whose mares do not allow them to nurse or for those foals who, for whatever reason, are not receiving enough milk from their mares and need additional nutritional support.
It contains proteins derived from skimmed milk and whey of high biological value and from high-quality vegetable proteins, easily digestible vegetable fat, carbohydrates with fast usable energy. Its composition is enhanced with vitamins, a full range of vitamins (A, D3, E, of the B complex, etc.) and with minerals that are necessary for the optimal development of the foal. It also contains factors that result in the foal being fed as naturally as possible with the least digestive disturbances.
By administering a milk substitute prepared with MEGALAT SUPER Milk Replacer for foals, we nutritionally provide the foals with the nutrients necessary for their harmonious development and the manifestation of their hereditary characteristics. We also contribute to the controlled growth rate of the foal, without its consumption leading to excessive body weight, preventing the creation of skeletal problems during development.


The milk substitute is prepared at a concentration of 100-125 gr MEGALAT SUPER per liter of milk substitute. The water in which the powder is dissolved must be 40° - 45°C. We administer the milk substitute at approximately 38° - 40°C. Most foals can be trained to drink from a teat or bucket. do not exceed normal milk consumption as this can lead to diarrhoea.


Protein  20%
Fat        16%
Ash         5%
Moisture  5%
Fibre       2% 

Vitamins per 1Kg

Vitamin A               10.400UI
Vitamin D3               1.280UI
Vitamin E                22.40mg
Vitamin B1             1.000mcg
Vitamin B2             1.040mcg
Vitamin B6                 500mcg
Vitamin B12                50mcg
Niacine                      700mcg
Calcium Pantothenate 100mcg
Folic Acid                     10mcg
Biotine                         50mcg

Amino Acids(g/100g Prot)

Arginine           2.65
Cystine            0.45
Glycine            1.85
Aspartic acid    0.85
Glutamic acid   6.95
Alanine            1.65
Histidine          1.35
Isoleucine        1.95
Leucine            2.90
Lysine              2.35
Methionine       0.65
Phenylalanine   1.95
Serine              2.35
Threonine         1.90
Tryptophan       0.55
Tyrosine           1.50

Συσκευασία1 Kg

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Milk Replacer For Foals MEGALAT SUPER

Milk Replacer For Foals MEGALAT SUPER

Milk replacer for foals

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