Natural Feed Supplement against itching QUITITCH



Natural Feed Supplement against itching QUITITCH

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Especially during the summer months, environmental factors, flies, outside pests, summer heat and dust can all cause irritated skin and intense itching.
Quititch is a herbal supplement, scientifically designed to use the natural properties of herbs, enhancing the natural texture of the skin, with the aim of minimizing itching and preventing relevant skin damage.

Contains: dandelion, garlic, nettle, seaweed, bearberry, burdock, oregano, trigonella seeds.


Introduce the dietary supplement gradually.

    Pony (under 300 kg) =16gr Quititch
    Horses (between 300-600 kg) =32 gr Quititch
    Horses (over 600 kg)= 48gr Quititch

Package 1Kg

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