Complementary Feed Liver Oil


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Complementary Feed  Liver Oil

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Liver Oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and contains a large amount of vitamin A and D!

Vitamines A and D are produced in the body under the influence of sunlight. A deficiency of these vitamines can occur during the winter months. 

Vitamines A and D are necessary for growth and development.

Vitamin A supports the resistance and in combination with omega-3,  it will give the skin excellent grooming to let it shine beautifully.
Liver Oil is a valuable addition to the diet of young horses and for mares in the phase of pregnancy or during the winter months.
Excellent for
Foals and young horses
 Pregnant mares

 Supplementary during the winter months
Feed instruction
Horse: 50 ml per day.
Pony: 25 ml per day.

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