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Pedocan Balsam.

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PEDOCAN Hoof Balsam is developed on the basis of natural rapeseed oil and without coloring. With natural thyme oil, avocado oil, eucalyptus oil and vitamin E. Pedocan Hoof Balsam is the perfect care for the hoof. Has a nurturing and restorative effect. Stabilizes the hoof and increases its elasticity. Prevents hoof rot and brittle horn. Encourages growth and ensures a natural, healthy appearance.

On the hoof: Clean the hoof and allow to dry if necessary. Apply a thin coat of Pedocan onto the hoof horn with a clean brush, a cloth or a sponge.

On the frog: Clean the frog and apply a thin coat of Pedocan- gently massaging it into the sole and frog if necessary.

On coronary band: Apply a thin coat of Pedocan onto the coronary band and gently massage in.

Suitable for daily use. Free of stabilizers and colourings. Information on use/storage: Avoid contact with eyes and the mucous membranes of humans and horses. Do not store above 40 C.


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