Electrical Fencing Energizer

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Electrical fencing energizer, base type for operation connected to the 230V network.

The FLASH 6000 TURBO is very simple and easy to use, for fencing in locations with power supply. It is ideal for large fences that include horses, cattle, pigs and "difficult" animals such as wild boars and sheep and goats.

It has lightning protection and fencing insulation control.


The energizer box is made of black plastic. The plug in the socket is built-in. There is a hole in the back of the energizer so that it can be hung on a nail or screw.

At the front are the connectors for the connection cables to the fence and ground, where the terminals are fastened with plastic screws.There are 4 LED bulbs that flash with each pulse indicating the quality of the fencing and the losses. It also gives us the option of intensity of the energizer at 50% or 100% of the energizer.

The FLASH 6000 TURBO is switched on as soon as it is connected to the power supply.


A good grounding system is essential for the efficient operation of electrical fencing. It is recommended to use one or two 1m long earthing rods. Place the ground on soil with sufficient moisture and immerse its entire length in the ground.

Package Contents

The energizer comes in a cardboard box that includes:

  • FLASH 6000 TURBO energizer
  • Instructions manual
  • Warning sign in 4 languages
Weight2 kg
Output4.8 J
Consumption0.060A - 12W
Maximum Fence Coverage150 km
High Vegitation8 km
Medium Vegitation18 km
Low Vegitation75 km

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