RELEX Clay Paste for Tendons & Muscles



RELEX Clay Paste for Tendons & Muscles with Herbs

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Green mineral soil combined with arnica, camomile and menthol. Wrap on paste made of natural green mineral soil from France. Relaxes and cools stressed muscles, tendons and joints.
Contains important minerals and trace elements such as calcium, iron, potassium, silicon, aluminium and many more.
With added arnica, camomile and menthol, a relaxing and regenerating effect is achieved.
green mineral soil, water, herbal extracts (arnica, camomile, menthol)

Cold application: apply approx. 1 cm in thickness 1-2 times per day and allow to set. Rinse off or brush off. Also suitable for bandaging over.
Hot Application: Heat open container in hot water for approx 10-20 minutes. Remove from hot water. Proceed as in cold application.

Warning:Keep container tightly sealed. Keep out of reach of small children. In the event of swallowing, seek medical advice. Show packaging and label.
Content: 850 g

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