Portable Energizer ENERGIC 10

Portable Energizer ENERGIC 10



Portable Energizer ENERGIC 10, 12V - 1.0Joule

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Powerful and efficient electric fencing mechanism.
The ENERGIC 10 uses a microprocessor to ensure optimum performance with less power consumption. It can intercept animals in small and medium sized fences with difficult vegetation conditions. It is suitable for repelling "difficult" animals such as goats, wild boars, sheep, cattle and horses. It can feed wire fences and sheep net.


The mechanism box is made of black plastic. The lid is secured with 2 hand-held plastic nuts. Underneath the lid there is space for a car battery up to 302cm x 175cm x 225cm. At the sides there are holes for the cables to pass when used in conjunction with a photovoltaic panel and a charging regulator.
The upper has a handle for ease of transport, which has 2 slots where a photovoltaic panel can be fitted with a suitable aluminum blade.
The front panel has a function switch - calibrated 0-4 calibrated. In position 1 the mechanism operates at 50% of maximum power. It comes with a tricolor LED lamp that lets you see the battery charge level.
At the back of the mechanism are the slots for the fencing and grounding cables, where the terminals are fastened with plastic handgrips. There is also a flashing LED lamp with each pulse.

Installation and operation

The ENERGIC 10 is designed to operate with a 12V rechargeable battery. With a well-charged battery (12.5V voltage) it outputs a 13,000V output voltage on the maximum operating step.
It can, however, operate on a lower voltage 9V battery, delivering a lower output voltage with a lower pulse rate.


12V rechargeable battery consumes 71mA at maximum power setting (position 4)
In 9V Discrete Battery Operation consumes 54mA at maximum power setting (position 4)

Suggested combinations

Suggested disposable battery: the 170Ah Alkaline 9V which gives about 120 days of standby time. For optimum operation, long-term economy and a more environment-friendly solution, we recommend a rechargeable 12V car battery of 50Ah or more.
For charging the battery it is recommended to use 6W - 12W photovoltaic panels.


The package includes galvanized earth 35cm. The mechanism for small fences can work with this ground. However, for better operation it is recommended to purchase a 1m (copper or aluminum) earth rod. In any case, prefer to place the earth in soil with sufficient moisture and dip it all the way to the ground.

Package Contents

The mechanism comes in a white paper box that includes:

  •     ENERGIC mechanism 10
  •     Car Battery Terminal Cables
  •     Connecting cable with electric fence line (rope, wire or tape)
  •     Ground 35cm
  •     Instructions manual

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Portable Energizer ENERGIC 10

Portable Energizer ENERGIC 10

Portable Energizer ENERGIC 10, 12V - 1.0Joule

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