Portable Electrical Fencing Energizer

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Strong and at the same time efficient electrical fencing energizer.

The EP 2500 BOX uses a microprocessor to ensure the best possible performance with lower power consumption. It can trap animals in large enclosures with difficult vegetation conditions. It is suitable for repelling "difficult" animals such as goats, wild boars, sheep, cattle and horses. It can supply wire fences and sheep nets.


The mechanism box is made of black plastic.

At the bottom are the sockets for the connection cables to the fence and ground, where the terminals are fastened with plastic screws. On the side there is an ON / OFF switch and an LED lamp that flashes with each pulse.

Installation and operation

The EP 2500 BOX designed to run on a 12V rechargeable battery. With a well-charged battery (voltage 12.5V) displays a voltage of 12,000V at the maximum operating scale at the output.


In operation with a 12V rechargeable battery it consumes 140mA while with a disposable 9V battery it consumes 105mA.

Suggested combinations

It is recommended to supply the mechanism with a 12V 100Ah car battery.

It is recommended to use a 25W - 30W photovoltaic panel to charge the battery.


For optimal operation it is recommended to procure one or two earthing rods 1m long (copper or aluminum). In any case, prefer to place the ground on soil with sufficient moisture and immerse it along its entire length in the ground.

Package Contents

The mechanism comes in a white cardboard box that includes:

  • Mechanism EP 2500 BOX
  • Cables with terminals for car battery
  • Electrical fencing connection cable (rope, wire or tape)
  • Instructions manual
Output3 J
Consumption140 mA
Maximum Fence Coverage100 km
High Vegitation6 km
Medium Vegitation12 km
Low Vegitation40 km

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