Electric Fence Energizer 12V



Electric Fence Energizer 12V

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A strong energizer designed to protect crops against wild game and fencing pastures for farm animals. The offered shepherd is powered by 12V, so it can be used in areas where there is no possibility of direct connection to the mains. The energizer can be powered by a rechargeable battery or a battery.

The battery shepherd is perfect for electric fences for cattle or sheep. The offered energizer can also be used to protect fields against wild boars or deer. The shepherd will also be effective in protecting ponds against otters and beavers.

The strong pulse energy of 3 J is effective in discouraging animals from approaching the fence. A shepherd for cattle is able to supply an electric fence line up to a length of 60 km. The range of the energizer depends on many factors, including vegetation overgrowth or fence wire resistance.

The energizer has crocodile clips that are attached directly to the battery. On the side there are two outputs that allow for convenient connection of the fence and grounding with an energizer.

Technical parameters of the energizer:

Power supply: rechargeable battery or 12V battery

Input energy: 4.5J

Energy output: 3.1J

Maximum voltage: 14,000V

Voltage in Volts at 500Ω: 5,200 volts

Maximum length of the fence (according to CEE): 60 km

Current consumption: approx. 500 mA

Warranty: 2 years

Weight2 kg
Output3.1 J
Consumption450 mA
Maximum Fence Coverage60 km
High Vegitation5 km
Medium Vegitation10 km
Low Vegitation30 km

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