GAIA 500



Electrical Fence Energizer 12V / 1.2J

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Electrical fencing energizer for small fences with pets.


The energizer is enclosed in a black plastic case of small dimensions, in a very sturdy and reliable construction with a handle for easy transport. At the front there are 6 small LED lights that show the performance of the fence and a large LED light that lights up when the energizer is activated. Below are the terminals for connecting the battery to the energizer and a socket for connecting the ground. At the back of the energizer there are two holes for mounting it on a stake or wall. Grounding

Choose a 1m long earthing rod and place it in soil with sufficient moisture. Immerse the ground along its entire length in the ground.

Package Contents

  • The energizer comes in a cardboard box that includes:
  • Energizer GAIA-500
  • Crocodile cable for connection to the battery
  • Instruction booklet

2 years warranty

Waterproof rating IP54

Weight1 Kg
Consumption100 mA
Maximum Fence Coverage10 Km
High Vegitation1.5 Km
Medium Vegitation3 Km
Low Vegitation4.5 Km
Energy in1.2J
Energy out0.6J
Warranty2 Years

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