DUALFLEX U15000 / 12V



Electric Fence Energizer

DUALFLEX U15000 / 12V

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Electrical Fencing Energizer 12V

The DUALFLEX energizer is activated as soon as it is connected to a 12V battery.

We recommend that you also use a 50W photovoltaic panel to continuously charge the battery so that we have a longer efficiency.The energizer will stop working if the voltage is lower than about 11.5V.

It continues to be very efficient even in very dense vegetation.

It can be used to fence domestic animals and to protect crops from wild animals.

The output pulses are adjusted according to the conditions.

For best performance and maximum power, good grounding is essential to have excellent ground conductivity. It optimizes its energy based on vegetation conditions and always delivers maximum energy.

This energizer has 4 LEDs that allow you to control how your energizer works.

The two-tone LED will give you the voltage level of the mechanism. (GREEN or RED).

On the right there are 2 LEDs. A GREEN and a RED and show us if there are any losses at any point in the fence.

An audible alarm and a white LED flash.

EFFET RETARD:This means that the energizer is on standby before increasing its energy to the maximum level. This time change is about 20 seconds. This powerful energizer is designed for large fences and heavy conditions and adjusts when needed.

For optimal energizer performance, good grounding is a very important step.

The performance of the energizer is connected to an excellent ground, using very conductive wire. The earthing rods must be at least 2 meters apart and connected to each other.


DUAL FLEX energizer

Adapter for energizers 230V / 12V

Cable with 2 crocodile plugs

Instructions for use

Weight5 kg

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