Portable Electrical Fencing Energizer i-POWER 47



Portable Electrical Fencing Energizer i-POWER 47

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Portable electrical fencing mechanism i-POWER 47

The i-POWER series offers an innovative product with smart power and high energy.
The device uses a function capable of holding all the animals as it will increase its power when the resistance in the line is low. Thus, the i-POWER 47 mechanism will switch to high power mode when it touches anything on the enclosure and then return to standby mode to minimize consumption.

Suitable for small, medium and large fences.


The mechanism is capable of supplying 15000V open circuit voltage and this voltage decreases depending on the load on your fence.

The i-POWER 47 delivers pulses of about 8000V at about 1000 Ohms. This means that the maximum power start is activated at around 1000 Ohm, where the device immediately switches to maximum power mode. It offers its maximum energy only when the animal touches the fence or when the losses in the line will be significant.

This technology allows very powerful devices in lossless installations to have full autonomy.

Installation and operation

It has a contactless control system I W TEST, on the front of the mechanism, with tricolor LEDs.

In "POWER AUTO" mode the device operates with a GREEN low power GREEN LED, but once the loss is detected it will send a pulse to maximum power and the RED LED will light up. If the error persists it will slow down its speed to optimize consumption. The "POWER AUTO" function provides great autonomy but always with the maximum possible energy immediately available.

In 'POWER FIX' mode the device delivers maximum energy and the LED is GREEN, but in case of loss the RED LED and the WHITE LED will be activated for low resistances (<300 Ohms). The pulse speed in the fence will be slower for optimization of consumption in this mode.

The i-POWER 47 is designed to run on a 12V rechargeable battery. If the battery voltage drops below 11.2V then the device will no longer supply power and the LED will flash green & red. This feature avoids deep discharge and thus retains the battery.

It is recommended to use a 12W - 25W photovoltaic panel to charge the battery, so that you do not have to recharge the battery very often. Depending on how sunny the area where your fence is located, we can recommend the appropriate panel.


In operation with a 12V rechargeable battery it consumes 65Ah - 105Ah.

Package Contents

The mechanism comes in a white cardboard box that includes:

I-POWER mechanism 47
Cables for connection to the battery
Connection cable to the electrical fencing line (rope, wire or tape)
Grounding 38cm
Instructions manual

Three-year warranty against any manufacturing defect. Does not apply to problems resulting from misuse.

Made in France

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