Electric Fencing Rope 500m Strong Premium



Electric Fencing Rope 500m Strong Premium

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Electric Fencing Rope STRONG PREMIUM 5mm.

A very strong and durable rope ideal for electric fencing of cattle and protection of bees from bears.

It is made of 3 stainless steel conductors 0.20mm thick and 3 copper conductors 0.25mm thick. In combination with the very low resistance that has the current 0.11Ω / m, this rope can be used in medium and large fences.

It has a very high mechanical tensile strength at 640kg.

STRONG PREMIUM ROPE is a rope with a diameter of 5mm, therefore visible from us and from the animals that will be enclosed by the fence.

It is also very resistant to weather conditions and ultraviolet radiation for at least 5 years.

Ultimate Load640Kg
Warranty5 YEARS

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